Cost for renting/ buying
The average price to rent a studio apartment in the center is 585.90€ per month (outside the city center the price is 361.27€), and for a three-bedroom apartment in the center it is 1,085.46€ per month (834€ outside the center). The average price per square meter for buying an apartment in the city centre is 4,361.39€ and it is 2,682.57€ outside the center of Shenzhen.

Where to go / what to do
Most expatriates live in rented accommodation when they first settle in China. There are three main ways of getting a place to live: being provided with accommodation by an employer, using an estate agent, or searching for a property independently. Types of accommodation and prices vary depending on the city and location, so researching local markets is important when choosing a property. While renting is the most common option for foreigners, they are also permitted to buy property in China. Generally, leases last for a year, but there is room for negotiation on this with some landlords. Although it is not technically necessary to have a residence permit to rent an apartment or a house, foreigners who are living and working in Shenzhen and therefore China, must register their place of residence with the local Public Security Bureau (4018 Jiefang Road, Luohu District, T 0086 8446 4679, sz3e.com).

Maintenance and repair
Here some useful links you may need to solve any domestic problem:

  • Water works: Shenzhen Water Company
    1019 Shennanzhong Road, Futian District
    T 0086 755 8213 7777
  • Electricity: Shenzhen Power Supply Company
    4020 Shennanzhong Road, Futian Ditsrict
    T 0086 755 8893 3333building4
  • Gas: Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd.
    Base B of Xinian Centre, 6021 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District
    T 0086 755 8866 0777
  • Telephone and internet: China Telecom
    T 0086 10 6642 8166
  • Waste: Keppel Seghers
    T 0086 10 6505 1688

Small towns close to the city

  • The area of Lo Wu lies on the borders between Hong Kong and mainland China, specifically the Luohu District of Shenzhen in mainland China. The area is most notable as the location of the most heavily used immigration control point for passengers traveling to and from mainland China.
  • Zhongshan is not a city you would normally visit unless you are on a business trip. Dubbed as one of the “Four little Tigers” in the Guangdong region, this town’s proximity to Shenzhen and Hong Kong makes it very attractive for manufacturers and business to be conducted in this town.
  • Huizhou is not much for international tourism but rather local Chinese people to visit and relax. Huizhou is also well known for their world-class petrochemical industry and with export and trade as other industries in development.
  • Zhuhai is a coastal city in southern China, even though the city is a major center of manufacturing, it carries a reputation as one of the cleanest, most livable cities in China.
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