Rob van Gijzel
mayor of Eindhoven

Dear guest, if you eindhovenhave ever considered working in the Eindhoven Region, you are probably ambitious and determined to make it to the top. So are we. In 2010 the Eindhoven Region was voted smartest region of the world, which was quite an achievement. Eindhoven was also appointed city of the future and recently, in early 2014, ranked as the third best place in Europe to make investments. Our region is relatively small in size, but truly great when it comes to inventing, designing and building solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. We have a lot to offer. Interesting jobs. Great sports facilities. A flourishing culture. An abundant choice of restaurants and cafes. And lots of interesting cities and countries in our ‘backyard’. In Eindhoven we are looking towards the future. What’s more: together we shape the future. Bright people from all over the world closely work together to invent solutions for the challenges that tomorrow brings. Our focus is to improve the world in which we live in a sustainable and profitable way. Maybe your future lies in Eindhoven? Come and find out. You are most welcome!




Last updated: 2014

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