Cost of living

Consumer goods

Prices can vary from one area to the other. Average prices 2015.

Alcohol Domestic beer 0.5l 1.15
Wine (DOC) 75cl 4.00
Imported beer 0.33l 1.25
Food Apples 1kg 1.57
Oranges 1kg 1.67
Lettuce 1 head 1.25
Potatoes 1kg 0.97
Tomatoes 1kg 1.37
Rice 1kg 1.62
Eggs 12 3.25
Fresh cheese 1kg 7.67
Chicken breast
1kg 6.00
Bread 500g 1.32
Drinks Soft drinks 0.3l 1.80
Cappuccino regular 1.83
Milk 1l 0.78
Water 0.5l 1.08
Personal care Shower gel 2-in-1 400ml 4.35
Toothpaste 100ml 2.45
Deodorant  50ml 3.97
Hairdresser 21.00
Sports & Leisures Cinema  1 seat 8.50
Theatre  1 seat 26.00
Gym  month  41.25
Cocktail  1 10
Utilities Basic (Electricity, Gas, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment month 107.33
Prepaid Mobile Local call (No discounts or plans) 1 min 0.25
Internet (6 Mbps, Flat Rate, Cable/ADSL) month 24.00


France has much the same taxes (e.g. income tax, capital gains tax, property tax) as other countries. However, there are three main differences between France and many other countries:

  • Generally income tax and social taxes are calculated on an individual basis. In France, they are calculated on a family basis, in simple terms the income for all family members is added up and then divided by the number of people in the family.
  • Tax rates in France are different and generally higher than most other countries.
  • There are a number of tax loopholes and exemptions specific to France.

These three factors mean that some people see a large increase in taxes when they move to France, some see a large decrease, and some see little change. The main factors that determine which category one falls into depends on where one comes from and on individual circumstances.

Employment law
In France it is necessary to provide a written contract of employment to all staff of whatever grade or level. In the event that there is no written agreement, then a contract of employment is nevertheless held savonto exist and the employee will systematically benefit from the maximum protection provided for by the law. The contract of employment must be in French, even where both employer and employee use the same language which is not French. Contracts of employment are virtually always for an indefinite term and specific agreements for short limited term employment are tightly regulated. However, limited term agreements may not be renewed more than once otherwise they will be held to become indefinite term agreements.

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