Dirk Elbers
mayor of Düsseldorf

Senza-titoloDüsseldorf – where business meets lifestyle. This is the slogan of the metropolis on the Rhine. Düsseldorf is a cosmopolitan city: a pleasant place to live and, at the same time, a bustling commercial and industrial centre. It is this combination of business and quality of life which sets Düsseldorf apart. The city is a mixture of Altbier and champagne, of down-to-earth old town and elegant Königsallee, of large global concerns and small niche firms. These are as much a part of the city’s charm as the proverbial cheerfulness of its residents. Not least for these reasons is Düsseldorf a popular location with company heads and also with the more than 3.5 million tourists who now visit our beautiful city every year. Artistic and cultural events can hold their own with any metropolis, yet there is no sense of being lost in an urban jungle. Düsseldorf has the stature of a big city, but with a quieter, more intimate atmosphere. I wish you an enjoyable stay, full of pleasant surprises, in this green and flourishing economic centre.



Last update: 2010

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